So… my middle name is Casandra 

with one “S”

I like it, I remember the tune I used to sing when I was little so I could spell it correctly 

I mean, I don’t feel like any of my names are really me, but they’re more me than any other names I could ever imagine

I love when my day says my name, it reminds me of when I was little



that’s my middle name

Talk about your piercings or tattoos if you have any:

I only have my ears pierced so there’s not a whole lot to talk about

I got them done when I was 5 at the doctors’

it was painful

there was lots of crying

at least I brought a stuffed animal with me… Sizzle from Puzzle Place… I love that cat, I still have her somewhere, I think. Okay, I’ll find her and post a picture for proof. You’ll see!

Your favorite television program:

I have so many I’m not sure where to start

I watched Community this morning, I love that show

and Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Fringe

many, many more, too many to talk about

Out of all those I think Fringe is my favorite

Write about your closest friend(s):


you know who you are

you’re brilliant

you’re amazing

you make me do things I had no idea were possible

I love you

you’re a beautiful person inside and out

I want to punch any person that has ever hurt you, in the face

You’re the best

Tell us your tree favorite colors:

Grey, green and blue

…and if grey doesn’t count, then purple

I don’t like pink

it makes me feel funny

Your favorite season and why:


When it starts raining again (I live in Oregon) and the ground get soggy and shiny

and right before that, it’s sunny and windy, perfect weather for scarfs and cuddling outside

the smell of everything is sweet and damp

And I love when it really starts raining

the gigantic grey clouds remind me of a heavy wool blanket

the cold makes me so happy, even if I get cold very easily

Autumn food is so comforting too

I get excited when I look out my window and notice it’s perfect for wearing my boots again, with my big thick socks

and I love when my lips get cold, I’m not sure why, I just do 

How you came Tumblr, and how your life has changed since joining: 

Umm… I think there was just searching random stuff to follow one my Google Reader and stumbled across a blog on Tumblr

I got an account and was just exploring for the first few weeks

then I started following people

then. it started.

you know.

How it changed my life?

Psh, what life?

Talk about your exercise habits:

I like taking walks

and running

sometimes I go to the gym


Favorite meme at the moment:

Inanity wolf