Watch Films, Not Movies. There Is a Difference. by Gustavo Asman

In this advertising campaign for the New York International Latino Film Festival, Gustavo Asman and his team of designers have highlighted a few cliches found in the story-lines of movies. The idea was to depict the flaws that “movies” may include and to point out that “films” are devoid of such things. What they produced are some quite humorous and quite true advertisements for the festival which begins on August 15 and goes through to August 21. For more info on the festival Click Here, and check out some of the other ads below!

See the rest of the ads here!

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Picture This - Dog Pill Warning (WIDK)

(WIDK) — Warning on prescription dog pills.  Please take note.


Picture This - No Birds (WIDK)

(WIDK) - Bird disobeys sign.

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miniature billboard ad campaign by 4Creative.


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