Talk about your piercings or tattoos if you have any:

I only have my ears pierced so there’s not a whole lot to talk about

I got them done when I was 5 at the doctors’

it was painful

there was lots of crying

at least I brought a stuffed animal with me… Sizzle from Puzzle Place… I love that cat, I still have her somewhere, I think. Okay, I’ll find her and post a picture for proof. You’ll see!

Your favorite television program:

I have so many I’m not sure where to start

I watched Community this morning, I love that show

and Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Fringe

many, many more, too many to talk about

Out of all those I think Fringe is my favorite


Toby Jones aka The Dream Lord as Doctor Arnim Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger

 aka That one guy from Ever After


The Doctor (Robert Sheehan), Penelope Snug (Imogen Poots)

“Soooo,” started Penelope, “if I indulged in this ‘traveling with weird young-old alien dressed in my little brothers’ clothing’ lark - and that’s a big ‘if’ - how long should I plan on packing for?”

The Doctor glanced down to the bedroom carpet. He swallowed, a lump formed in his throat, a tiny twitch of the brows. He attempted to laugh. “Forever’d be cool.”

Penelope Snug, who spends her days icing cakes in a bakery on Westbourne Grove, meets the newly-regenerated Doctor after he knocks her off her bicycle and into a Hyde Park pond. He has been running from a man in a bear costume and thinks said bear is out to kill him. Turns out he’s half-right: mascot suits around London are taking over their human wearers, intent on conquering the world. Penelope takes the soaking wet Doctor back to her flat and dresses him in her 17-year-old brother’s clothes (he will later dispose of these in favor of a suit but retains her brother’s dog tag necklace). In spite of a rather pointed fixation on aesthetics and appearance, which the Doctor initially finds irritating, Penelope bristles with compassion and bravery and proves herself indispensable to him during the mascot invasion. He also loves her cakes. When it’s all over, the Doctor asks her to join him for further adventures in the TARDIS.



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Unfortunately open only to European residents, but we’re going to go ahead and declare that this as a fixed point in time and space. It has to happen. Otherwise 2/3 of the universe will be destroyed.

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It’s true for the tenth Doctor too. His suit was blue if they went forward in time and the brown if they went back in time.

My headcanon for this is that Moffat is secretly an…

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…isn’t that what the pool in the library’s for?

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[image description: still from Doctor Who with white text; still is of the Eleventh Doctor and his TARDIS in Idris’ body; text reads “SHIPPING/oh so literal”; end description]



The miniature watch, which is in the shape of a ring, is thought to be barely a century old. The mysterious timepiece was encrusted in mud and rock and had stopped at 10:06 am. On the back of the watch, the word, ‘Swiss’ is engraved. There is no record anywhere of ring/watches being popular in Europe until after 1780, which only deepens the mystery.



I love how he looks like an adorable(very attractive) old man in this shot 

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