30 Meme, Day 2 and 3

Talk about your piercings or tattoos if you have any:

I only have my ears pierced so there’s not a whole lot to talk about

I got them done when I was 5 at the doctors’

it was painful

there was lots of crying

at least I brought a stuffed animal with me… Sizzle from Puzzle Place… I love that cat, I still have her somewhere, I think. Okay, I’ll find her and post a picture for proof. You’ll see!

Your favorite television program:

I have so many I’m not sure where to start

I watched Community this morning, I love that show

and Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Fringe

many, many more, too many to talk about

Out of all those I think Fringe is my favorite


Cats and water - the infinite possibilities of giggles. ;)

Marty has a love/hate relationship with water. He tries to get into the shower with me when I’m cleaning myself (see #2), but anytime I try to get him in water on MY time he’s completely not having it (#5). 


Cat-At Loves You! by Nathan Davis aka obvian is on sale for a limited time at Nowhere Bad

(via battledad)


Lol Maru the cat walks with his box on.. haha.


Latest kitty news

Early this morning our Ollie passed away. He was sick for the last few months and we all knew yesterday that he was going to be leaving us soon. It’s still a huge emotional blow. One year is not enough time to be here. He had more soul than a lot of people in this world.



by Adam Wallacavage

That first one looks like it belongs in a horror movie.