DIY Stacking Drawers. Found at Desire to Inspire here. Love the colors they painted the drawers. It definitely doesn’t have that air of crappy homemade, but rather that of real design (which I’m sure it is). From Danish stylist Gitte Kjaer.


cool notebook.

(Source: fashionfever, via fuckyeahbookarts)

Lookie, lookie! Cute winter things

Looking for a cute, handmade hat?

Check out my sister's etsy shop, Tumbleweedknits

There are more colors to choose from in the shop.

I hear there is more to come, like matching fingerless gloves and circle scarfs.


pmstudiocombining wood, metal and beads or pearls

By Pawel


New from Ellen Jewett of creaturesfromel



DIY Frida Kahlo Inspired Floral Headband Tutorial from My Poppet here. *Tip: you can often find fake flowers on sale depending on the season.

Truebluemeandyou: Halloween is over but I’m still posting on my Halloween Blog for dress up and cosplay. But how gorgeous is this floral headband that was just posted by My Poppet?



Sometimes the reason for anxiety can be other people, they drag you down and you get caught in their web.
But still you can escape.
If it’s your own web you’re caught in, you can’t just escape like before… You’ll have to look the fear in your eyes.

An assignment for art school. BenjiiBen


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