30 Day Meme, Day 6

Your favorite season and why:


When it starts raining again (I live in Oregon) and the ground get soggy and shiny

and right before that, it’s sunny and windy, perfect weather for scarfs and cuddling outside

the smell of everything is sweet and damp

And I love when it really starts raining

the gigantic grey clouds remind me of a heavy wool blanket

the cold makes me so happy, even if I get cold very easily

Autumn food is so comforting too

I get excited when I look out my window and notice it’s perfect for wearing my boots again, with my big thick socks

and I love when my lips get cold, I’m not sure why, I just do 


A post coming soon about what I crave for fall, and what you should definitely have. Here is a quick polyvore collage. Enjoy!


September Fashion Inspiration I: Mori Girl.

(bottom right)

(via du-st)


maison scotch lookbook

I want that outfit

that bag is amazing