Cats and water - the infinite possibilities of giggles. ;)

Marty has a love/hate relationship with water. He tries to get into the shower with me when I’m cleaning myself (see #2), but anytime I try to get him in water on MY time he’s completely not having it (#5). 


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spirit animal.


love her forever

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I’ve finished, you can breathe :-)




We are hiring a New York Fashion Week Intern!

This is a 1 week paid internship with lunches provided and a few perks too. 

Please read through all the qualifications before you apply!

1. Must live in New York City

2. Available full time from September 7th - 16th (including Sat & Sun)

3. Must, Must, Must know how to use Photoshop raw editing, writing and running Photoshop actions, basic retouching, organizing content in Bridge, Tumblr’s blogging platform, all around geeky stuff like that.

4. Must be very organized

5. Familiar with scanning 

6. Know your way around New York

7. Mac user

8. Have friendly email etiquette 

About this internship: During NYFW we are covering everything from runway shows to street style to industry events and I need someone to join our team to help get the content from the cameras into the computer, edited then organized for publishing or delivering to clients. With a very special thanks to Tumblr- we will be working from a suite at the Hudson Hotel just a few blocks from the MBFW tents. Aside from downloading content, making selects, retouching / color correcting and running batches you will also be monitoring our studio emails, coming with me to certain events to help with equipment, and then your usual intern stuff like picking up food, mailing boxes, etc.

We hope to find someone who wants to be a part of our team and can look back on the photo stories and Cinemagraphs™ from Fashion Week and feel proud that they helped make that happen. 

*what this internship is not: This is not an advanced lesson in photography or Cinemagraphs™. This is not an all access ticket to NYFW. 

How to apply: Send an email to frommetoyouintern@gmail.com

tears forever

if only I lived in New York