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found myself an awesome site for jewelry, kyss jo hanna


pmstudiocombining wood, metal and beads or pearls

By Pawel


Truly geek chic: Dice rings, for the fashionable tabletop player. Never lose your die to rogue rolls or small children again! 

Now seeking funding on Kickstarter for the next 49 days.

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Tell her you want to be her companion forever with this companion cube engagement ring

See how this awesome piece of Portal geekcraftery was made here


Lori just brought these goodies back from New Mexico along with a great selection of beaded jewelry. Stop by the shop to check it out!

The Art of Self Expression


Adornment takes many forms on the body, as seen in this nice photo essay from Dossier Journal.  Author Erin Dixon says: “I pursued National Geographic and was astounded by the disparate ways in which—even in an era defined by globalization—we interpret this instinct, reminding me that though fashion in the Western world can sometimes appear repetitive, the limit of human creativity in terms of embellishment is, in fact, infinite.” Click through the title link to read the full article and see more beautiful photos.

Quetzali Jewelry


New pieces in from Quetzali Jewelry for ears of all sizes. Based in Mexico City, Quetzali creates earrings inspired by indigenous designs with a modern twist, each one unique and made by hand. In nahuati “quetzali” means “beautiful,” which remains the driving force behind the company. 

Kiki Smith


Kiki Smith is a prolific and very famous artist. She works in many mediums including sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, print and installations. I first met Kiki in 1994, when a wild haired woman showed up to the door at East Side Ink wanting to get small blue dots tattooed on her arm. Dan Higgs was sitting in with us and I thought that they might make a perfect match. Fifteen minutes later she was the proud owner of some blue dots and Dan and I were none the wiser. Weeks later, she again knocked on the door and asked if I could give Dan a drawing she had done. It was a pencil drawing of a blue vagina on a ripped off corner of paper..

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