Picture This - No Birds (WIDK)

(WIDK) - Bird disobeys sign.

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Prince William and Kate Middlebean, What a cute couple :)

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Sherlock and Doctor Who: Here’s The Difference


Here’s the Difference:

The Doctor Who photo features a tall, slender, rather alien genius-boy running alongside a medical professional who is smitten with him.

The Sherlock photo……..Oh. OH.

Yes, but Sherlock has a long coat which billows out behind him when he runs.

The Doctor just ha-


Never mind.

Yes but Sherlock wears tight fitting suits and is smarter than your average human.

The Doctor’s just—


Yes, but in Doctor Who, the medical companion risks death in an attempt to save the lead character from the clutches of an evil, psychotic genius.

Wheras in Sherlock…. um…….  Oh..

Yeah, but the Doctor Who companion jumps on board to help the lead even though she knows almost nothing about him and trusts him to solve their current problem that wasn’t even an issue until he arrived.

While In Sherlock… huh.

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