I ordered a pink wig a couple days ago and it came today!

Now the MLP character I "made" looks more like me now. 

I really really love this wig and am so excited to use it

It’s a good morning when you have a scone and tea

just re-dyed my hair last night. #Iamprincessbubblegum

…also I have some alcohol in my system from my friend’s going away dinner

MY hair’s doing a thing (a good thing) and I feel like crap. 

It’s been a really stressful month.

Here is today’s outfit-

Windy cold weather is finally here!

I’ve been feeling down lately. I watched Fabulous Fashionistas a few days ago, and it got me out of a funk. These women are so inspiring, not just for their wardrobes, but because they’re not afraid to be who they are in a world where seniors are not viewed as lively. I don’t think I really can adequately describe how good this documentary made me feel.  

I don’t know, that’s just the kind of mentality I’m in right now, or trying to get to.  

I should be cleaning, instead I’m taking my personal appearance VERY seriously.